Cotton trading is a family story for me. For the last 25 years we my family has been involved in trading, quality testing, certifying and exporting cotton from Turkmenistan which is my native country. For the last 5 years I have been working for a well known global Swiss cotton trading company. As a result of this life long experience in cotton trading I decided to set up my own trading company and as of recently I'm working as an independent cotton trader focusing on Turkmenistan. 

  • Bying, Quality Controlling & Certifying and Exporting raw cottong from Turkmenistan

  • Delivering of up to 5000 tons of cotton monthly to your factory to match your needs

  • Direct access to Turkmenistan

  • Best price quality match 


                 Facts & Figures:

  •  550 000 hectares sown area

  •  5 regions growing the cotton

  •  39 gins processing the cotton

  •  1 050 000 tons of crop production per year

  •  25 000 tons of long staple cotton

  •  160 000 tons are given for the Export each year 

  •  Cotton exports are fully controlled by the Goverment

  •  Cotton is traded on the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange

  •  Turkmenistan is a rather closed country

  • Turkmenistan is the world's 9th largest cotton producer.

  • With the quality, fine-fiber also known as "white gold"

  • Raw cotton is one of the top exports of the country ($352M)

How can I help ?

My Goals

  • Help you get access to Turkmen Cotton

  • Provide the best possible raw cotton buying service

  • Be your partner allong your growth path 

  • Establish long term mutually beneficial partnerships


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