April 7, 2018

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Cotton of Turkmenistan

Ginning operations are heading toward completion

February 7, 2018

Ginning operations are heading toward completion: gins started to shut down around the middle of February and the whole process is due to conclude within the coming fortnight or so. Land preparation, desalination etc should begin around the end of March. About 900,000 tons (seed cotton ) of Upland and 99,000 tons ELS  have been harvested, the ensuing expected final lint outturn should therefore be close to 286,000 tons of which 260,000 Upland and 26,000 extra long staple. As domestic industry might be absorbing up to 138,000 tons(Upland + ELS) and 130,000 tons have already been sold to the trade the available export balance should not exceed 20,000 tons.  

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      Facts & Figures:

  •  550 000 hectares sown area

  •  5 regions growing the cotton

  •  39 gins processing the cotton

  •  1 050 000 tons of crop production per year

  •  25 000 tons of long staple cotton

  •  160 000 tons are given for the Export each year 

  •  Cotton exports are fully controlled by the Goverment

  •  Cotton is traded on the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange

  •  Turkmenistan is a rather closed country

  • Turkmenistan is the world's 9th largest cotton producer.

  • With the quality, fine-fiber also known as "white gold"

  • Raw cotton is one of the top exports of the country ($352M)



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